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October 15, 2018

Sister Sister | Neutral Mini Session | Melbourne Florida Family Photographer

Today, I bring to you my own sweet (when bribed) baby girls! These little babes are growing up way too fast!

Too often, I think we’re geared to make everything look picture perfect and the next best highlight reel. We ALL want beautiful images that showcase emotion and moments and document our best memories.

I know there are some mama’s out there that dread family pictures. You go in with the mindset that your going to nail that Pinterest pose you pinned last month when looking for inspiration, but then reality hits and little johnny has a melt down because he has dirt on his shoes and doesn’t want to hug his big sister.


que my children

My oldest is all about pictures. ALL ABOUT IT. Except, she wants to cock her head to the side, throw up some dueces, and give you her best duck face. **smacks palm to face** My youngest is just a wrecking ball, a hot freaking mess! She want’s nothing to do with anything besides finding the next tall item to climb and it’s always her way or the highway! **send help**

I did this session of my babes so I could showcase examples of the Neutral Mini Sessions that I’m offering this month. Annnnnd my all time FAVORITE image is sweet Caroline decking her big sister in the face because she DID NOT want to give her a hug. That’s real life babes. That is my every day, all day. I’ll look back on these images years down the road and will 100% remember exactly what happened that day. THAT is what I want for YOU. THAT is why I do what I do. THAT is why I’m so passionate.

You, your babes, your moments, and all of the messy in-betweens ARE worth it. Life’s too short to let memories pass you by.


Interested in a mini session like this?

Sessions will be held on October 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, and 28th. These sessions are perfect for holiday cards and/or frame + fridge worthy portraits for the fam! (Annnd, because we all know Grandma wants pictures for Christmas!)

Sessions are $150 and include: 15 minute session, 10 hi-res digital downloads delivered via a private online gallery, and a personal printing rights release.

(Location is at my private property in Melbourne, FL. Address will be given during booking.)

Fill out this contact form and let’s document your best memories, babe!

Neutral Mini Sessions

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